Why should I buy a wig?

Wigs are convenient and long lasting. It can be a strange transition from weaves at first, and people often believe that wigs will look fake. However, if installed correctly, they can look the same!

Buying a wig is extremely cheaper than weaves. You won’t need a hairdresser to attach your wigs for you and you also save the money that you would spend on getting your weave redone!

Wearing wigs allow you to care for your hair underneath because the wig can easily be taken off. You also give your hair a rest from the constant straightening of your leave out.

Also, if you enjoy wearing curls and waves, having a wig allows you to maintain the curls for even longer because you won’t be forced to sleep on your hairstyles. Wearing wigs allows you to change up your hair styles quickly as well.

Another important benefit is that your hair will dry quicker! Girls have a tendency to prolong washing their hair and weaves but it can lead to your hair getting dirty and begin to smell. With a wig, it can air dry on its own, whilst you are washing your natural hair.

How long do wigs last?

The longevity of a wig depends on a number of factors, but mainly by the hair you use and how often you use it. If you use virgin hair, then your wig will last longer than a wig with store-bought human hair. If you plan to wear your wig everyday, the wig's life will be shortened.

What cap is used for the construction of the wig?

A netted wig cap with adjustable straps is used. These caps are better than dome caps that some hairdressers use because they allow your hair to breathe and fit a range of head sizes.

How will you know my head size?

You will need to measure your head before purchasing a wig. You will need a measuring tape to do this. This is to make sure that your wig is not too small or large. 

There are two sizes provided, but you should follow this diagram to measure your head:

Small wig measurements: circumference: 21.5 inches; front to nape: 12.5 inches; ear to ear across forehead: 11 inches; ear to ear over the top: 11 inches; temple to temple across the back: 13 inches; nape: 3.5 inches

Large wig measurements: circumference: 23 inches; front to nape: 14.5 inches; ear to ear across forehead: 11.5 inches; ear to ear across the top: 14 inches; temple to temple across the back: 14 inches; nape: 3.5 inches

After measuring your head, please choose the appropriate wig size. Please include this information in the comments section at the checkout.

How do I make sure that the wig is secure when I'm wearing it?

Wig combs will be sewn to the wig cap for security, but you can use bobby pins to secure it even more. You can also sew down wigs like a weave. If you plan on doing this, please request for no wig combs to be sewn at the checkout.

Are the extension wefts cut?

In order to have the hair extensions lay flat and look natural, tracks will be cut where deemed necessary. If you really do not want this, please leave your request in the comments section at the checkout, but note that your wig may not lay as flat as you want it to. A common fear is that your extensions will start to shed, but this can be overcome with our weft sealing services.

All hair provided by you will be used, but in the event that there are extensions left over, it will be sent back to you with the wig.

I am new to wearing wigs, what should I buy before the wig arrives?

Staples include a wig cap (which colour depends on your preference, but try to buy one closest to your skin tone or just opt for black), a wide-tooth and a rat tail comb, products to style your wig and products to care for your natural hair. More tips will be provided on our social media accounts.

I already have a wig, can I still buy the layering/weft services by Wigs by Vee?

Services are reserved for Wigs by Vee customers only, and a wig must be purchased before layering/weft services can be chosen.

I have chosen a specific style, but I want it changed slightly. Can this be done?

If the request is a slight alteration, it will be considered on a order-by-order basis. Please contact Wigs by Vee before placing your order if you have a request.

To summarise, please include the following information in the comments section at the checkout:

Chosen wig size: small or large?

Do you want wig combs? If not stated, they will be provided.

If you don't want the wefts cut

For your benefit, please check the shipping and returns page below.